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briq is a research platform seeking to advance innovative thinking about the sources and consequences of inequality while pushing the frontiers of behavioral economics research.

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Ulrike Malmendier, UC Berkeley (June 11 - 28)
Stefano DellaVigna, UC Berkeley (June 11 - 28)
David Huffman, University of Pittsburgh (June 11 - July 12)
Flávio Cunha, Rice University (June 17 - July 2)
Michela Carlana, Harvard University (June 19 - July 4)
Roland Bénabou, Princeton University (June 20 - 28)
Anke Becker, Harvard University (June 21 - 28)
Benjamin Enke, Harvard University (June 21 - 28)
George Loewenstein, Carnegie Mellon University (June 24 - 28)
Paul Heidhues, University of Düsseldorf (June 24 - 28)
Alex Imas, Carnegie Mellon University (June 24 - 28)
Aislinn Bohren, Carnegie Mellon University (June 24 - 28)
Botond Kőszegi, Central European University (June 25 - 28)
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June 25 - 27: European Behavioral Economics Meeting (EBEM)
June 28: Applied Micro Workshop with Timo Freyer, Christian Apenbrink and Johannes Schmieden (all BGSE) discover more
July 8 - 12: Summer School in Behavioral Economics
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people of briq

This group is dedicated to enhancing our understanding of inequality, human capital, labor markets, and behavioral economics. briq cooperates with institutions and universities, connecting innovative researchers and cross-disciplinary experts. Resident researchers at briq include Armin Falk and Florian Zimmermann.

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visiting program

briq has initiated a visiting program in order to facilitate the exchange of ideas. We invite top-level researchers from the briq global network as briq Visiting Professors and briq Visiting Fellows with the intent of creating a European hub of resources and expertise. This involves both short and long-term visits, as well as participation in summer schools, workshops, and our regular research seminar. We aim to provide our visitors with a productive research environment in order to support and advance excellent research.


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