We believe that innovative research is about bringing together people and minds.


our team

Our team connects researchers of briq, the University of Bonn, and leading academic institutions across the globe. Armin Falk, Botond Kőszegi and Florian Zimmermann, all professors in Bonn, are permanent researchers of the institute. Postdoctoral fellows spend a gap year at briq allowing them to follow an independent agenda. Subsequently, they take on an external professorship position and become research affiliate thus enriching the global network. Furthermore, eight experienced visiting professors are closely associated with the local unit in remote and extended on-site collaboration.

The administration of briq is supported by IZA – Institute of Labor Economics, especially in the fields IT, accounting, human resource management, and event management. Scientific and administrative support is delivered by our research assistants.

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postdoctoral fellows

The postdoctoral fellow program aims to enable and promote outstanding research. During their gap year our postdoctoral fellows focus on their research agenda before continuing their scientific path at a top university.


briq offers a unique infrastructure for the networking of researchers and the support of new collaborations. Our visiting program has been launched for this purpose, as it provides a platform for international, top-level researchers. These visitors stay – either on a singular or recurrent basis – at briq to team-up with the local unit, advance their projects, develop fresh ideas, and give special lectures.

scholarship program

One of the objectives of briq is to promote young talent. To do so, briq finances the scholarships of about 20 doctoral students at the Bonn Graduate School of Economics (BGSE) and has created the student fellow program. Furthermore, the briq visiting professor and briq visitor programs provide all BGSE students with the opportunity to meet and discuss their research with renowned scholars.

job openings

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