Here you can find papers that use or are related to the GPS dataset or the preference module. In addition to own work, we provide you with information on other scientific papers as well as media articles citing the GPS. Researchers using the GPS data or the preference module are kindly asked to send us their paper or a link to their work. This will help us inform the research community about the ongoing progress and related work.

Falk, A., Becker, A., Dohmen, T., Enke, B., Huffman, D., & Sunde, U. (2018). Global evidence on economic preferences. Quarterly Journal of Economics, 133 (4), 1645–1692. DOI: 10.1093/qje/qjy013.

Falk, A., Becker, A., Dohmen, T. J., Huffman, D., & Sunde, U. (2016). The preference survey module: A validated instrument for measuring risk, time, and social preferences. IZA Discussion Paper No. 9674.
Online Appendix:

Falk, A., Hermle, J. (2018). Relationship of gender differences in preferences to economic development and gender equality. Science 36. DOI: 10.1126/science.aas9899

Dohmen, T., Enke, B., Falk, A., Huffman, D. & Sunde, U. (2018) Patience and comparative development.

Becker, A., Enke, B. & Falk, A. (2018). Ancient origins of the global variation in economic preferences. NBER Working Paper No. 24291.

A list of papers using or citing the GPS will soon be added. Meanwhile, please refer to Google Scholar.

Please find a documentation of media articles about the GPS in the briq newsroom. We will soon add a list of selected articles here.
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